Flowering Plants Visited
by Hylephila phyleus

Hylephila phyleus Drury: Hesperiidae, Lepidoptera
(Observations are from Robertson, Clinebell, Fothergill & Vaughn, and Wilhelm & Rericha. This is the Fiery Skipper.)

Asteraceae: Aster novae-angliae sn (Rb), Aster sagittifolius sn (Rb), Aster subulatus sn (FV), Boltonia asterioides sn (Rb), Cirsium arvense sn (WR), Cirsium discolor sn (WR), Echinacea purpurea sn (Cl), Eupatoriadelphus maculatus sn (WR), Helianthus grosseserratus sn (WR), Helianthus mollis sn (WR), Liatris aspera sn (WR), Liatris cylindracea sn (Cl), Liatris pycnostachya sn (Cl), Taraxacum officinale sn (FV), Vernonia gigantea sn (WR); Liliaceae: Allium cernuum sn (WR);  Lythraceae: Lythrum salicaria sn (WR); Verbenaceae: Phyla lanceolata sn (Rb), Verbena hastata sn (WR)