Moths with Caterpillars
Feeding on Various Parts
of Wild Goldenrods

 Moth Species    
Common Name  Scientific Name   Plant Parts
Lost Sallow Eupsilia devia  foliage
Fine-Lined Sallow Catabena lineolata  foliage
The Asteroid Cucullia asteroides  flowers
Brown-Hooded Owlet Cucullia convexipennis  flowers
White-Dotted Groundling Platysenta videns  foliage
Goldenrod Flower Moth Schinia nundina  flowers 
Pink-Barred Lithacodia  Lithacodia carneola   foliage
Green Leuconycta Leuconycta diphteroides   foliage
False Crocus Geometer Xanthotype urticaria  foliage 
Confused Eusarca  Eusarca confusaria foliage
Common Tan Wave Pleuroprucha insulsaria flowers
Goldenrod Borer Moth Encosma dorsisignatum roots
Goldenrod Gall Moth Gnorimoschema gallaesolidaginis stems
Gelechid Moth sp. Trichotaphe flavocostella foliage