Moth Caterpillars Feeding
on Asters (Aster spp.)

Moth Species
Scientific Name Common Name
Acrocercops astericola Gracillariid Moth sp.
Astrotischeria astericola Tischeriid Moth sp.
Allagrapha aerea Unspotted Looper Moth
Carmenta corni** Aster Borer Moth
Chlorochlamys chloroleuca Blackberry Looper
Condica videns White-Dotted Groundling
Ctenoplusia oxygramma Sharp-Stigma Looper
Cucullia asteroides* The Asteroid
Cucullia convexipennis* Brown-Hooded Owlet
Eucosma robinsonana** Tortricid Moth sp.
Eupithecia miserulata* Common Pug
Euplexia benesimilis American Angle Shades
Eupsilia devia Lost Sallow
Eusarca confusaria Confused Eusarca
Feltia jaculifera Dingy Cutworm
Heliothis phloxiphagus* Spotted Straw
Leuconycta diphteroides Green Leuconycta
Melanchra assimilis Black Arches
Palthis angulalis Dark-Spotted Palthis
Papaipema cataphracta** Burdock Borer Moth
Papaipema impecuniosa** Impecunious Borer Moth
Pleuroprucha insularia Common Tan Wave
Pseudorthodes vecors Small Brown Quaker
Pyrrharctia isabella Isabella Tiger Moth
Schinia arcigera* Arcigera Flower Moth
Schinia nundina* Goldenrod Flower Moth
Schinia septentrionalis* Northern Flower Moth
Scopula inductata Soft-Lined Wave
Sibine stimulea Saddleback Caterpillar
Sparganothis reticulatana Tortricid Moth sp.
Synchlora aerata* Wavy-Lined Emerald
Tornos scolopacinarius Dimorphic Gray
Trichordestra legitima* Striped Garden Caterpillar
Xestia badinodis Pale-Banded Dart

leaf-miner, *feeds on flowers, **bores through stems or roots

Note: Asters (Aster spp.) in North America have been subdivided into
Symphotrichum spp., Eurybia spp., Doellingeria spp., etc.